Barbara Kapusta


Poesie, mumok Kino, Wien


Ein Gedicht für 22 kleine Objekte, Kunsthalle Wien

A Poem for 22 Small Objects, 2015
"The Poem is for 22 Objects" by Danielle St. Amour and Evan Webber

The Things' Poem, In: Pin, Edited by Manuela Ammer, 2014, Sternberg Press

Recreations, 2014
Recreations, edition of 12 necklaces, copper, sulphur, fluorite crystals, metal, leather, 2014

Artist Lecture Series Vienna

Conversation with a Casting Mold
The Material Ghost, Stephan Lugbauer/Felicia Atkinson/Barbara Kapusta, School, Vienna, 7.11.2014

"That Which Makes the Visible Possible" by Amy Croft

Sie Wir Ihnen, 2013
Amy Croft on "Sie Wir Ihnen", 21er Haus, Wien, Frieze 09/13


Projects by Assignments, Ed: Stephan Lugbauer & Barbara Kapusta , schlebrügge.editor, Vienna 2011

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