Barbara Kapusta


November 7th 2014: performance with Felicia Atkinson and Stephan Lugbauer at School, Vienna. Saprophyt in collaboration with School!

How do we distinguish random movements from signals? A gesture combines bodily movement and meaning, Barbara Kapusta in conversation with Christopher Richmond, Nowiswere Issue 14, June 2014

Barbara Kapusta & Franz West, Galerija Vartai, Vilnius, 20.5. - 20.6.2014

THE DREAM ISSUE (edited by Danielle St-Amour and Robin Simpson) A publication to the exhibition TO BECOME WHOLE. Contributions by Tamara Henderson Julier Feyrer Patrick Staff Barbara Kapusta Tess Edmonson Ray Fenwick a text by Geoffrey Farmer

Anything goes – everything stays, Axel Stockburger im Gespräch mit Barbara Kapusta und Stephan Lugbauer über Saprophyt in Wien, Springerin 4/13

Sie Wir Ihnen, 21er Haus, Wien, Frieze 09/13

Pleasure-seeking, On our fascination with art and the cinematic image, Nowiswhere, Issue 12, May 2013

Projects by Assignments, Ed: Stephan Lugbauer & Barbara Kapusta , schlebrügge.editor, Vienna 2011



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